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Residential Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Centers in the U.S


Residential or inpatient rehabs are in-house facilities where the patient will receive treatment without leaving the facility for the duration of the program. These treatments can be from 30 to 90 days and even be longer in the case of religious and teen’s addiction programs. They usually have counselors and medical staff onsite depending on the type of treatment. These types of drug rehabs are suited for addicts that has long term addiction, multiple relapses, dangerous or out of control behaviors. Also court can ask for someone to be specifically in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center.

Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in the U.S


There different types of detoxification from drugs and alcohol. The types of drugs, the amount of drugs or alcohol and the nonstop usage of them will determine the type of detox someone would need in order to make it safe and efficient.

The 2 main categories of detox are medical and regular detox.

Medical are suited for people that need medical attention to have a safe and as much comfortable as possible so the person will stop the drug, medication or alcohol safely in order to be able to seek rehabilitation and get tools in their lives to function without drugs, medication or alcohol.

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Support Groups for Drugs and Alcohol Dependency


Support are not treatment or therapy but it is a group which support people with very mild addiction or will support individual that were in a treatment and need a group to support their sobriety. They are usually 12 steps model and is usually anonymous.


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Drug Rehab Centers by States

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